Our Team

TogetherintheUK is about helping people who have come to the UK live an inclusive life through sharing insights from people who have made a similar journey. It’s tough leaving your country and creating a new life and our purpose is to:

  • Provide good information
  • Run events
  • Share stories

The Team


Teresa Norman
Founder | Director | CEO

Teresa set up TGIUK (TogetherintheUK) CIC in 2016. Following a career in HR and fifteen years in the civil service, she is now pursuing her dream and making TGIUK live and grow.

She was born in the UK and has always lived here. ‘TGIUK is about creating a platform where we all learn from each other about living together in the UK’

Johann Taljaard
Founder | Chair | Ambassador

Johann is an experienced business professional, executive coach and has worked at a senior level in business for the past 20 years. During the past 30 years, he has founded and set up a number of businesses, both in his host country Britain as well as in his home country South Africa, where he grew up. He has been living in the Uk for the past 20 years and has also lived in Holland for a time. He now focuses mainly on strategy and leading the board at TogetherintheUK.

Kosta Eleftheriadis
Founder | Director Governance

Kosta has experience of many different jobs in the UK and now works as a health service administrator.

At TGIUK, Kosta leads on Facebook, customer research, corporate governance and risk management.

Kosta grew up in Greece.

Fatkma Mustafa
Founder | Director Head of Commercial

Fatkma Mustafa leads on project management and commercial.

Fatkma works as a civil engineer and her role in TGIUK is to lead on product development, business planning and project management.

Caroline Komuhangi
Head of Business Engagement

Twitter lead and Vlogger. Caroline has previously worked for one of the major consultancies and has lots of experience supporting charities and making them grow.

Caroline grew up in Uganda and the UK and she is excited to share her's and other migrants' view point.

Noa Tu
Head of Operations

Noa developed his keen world view through his nautical studies and travelling across oceans on a container ship. After working in Saudi Arabia and studying in Sweden, he chose to settle in the UK.

He has worked across many roles in the third sector.

TGIUK has become his new passion as he wants to pass on his knowledge as a modern settler in the UK.

Martin Truong
Marketing Development Manager

The child of Vietnamese refugees, Martin experienced the journey of many first generation immigrants. Today, Martin is an established strategic marketer with senior-level experience across the media & advertising, retail and financial services sectors.

Drawing upon international experience across corporate, start-up and consultancy environments, Martin provides TGIUK with practical guidance and support on brand communications and digital strategy

Sophie Wright
Graphic Designer | Actor - Musician | Digital Artist

Sophie has just joined the TGIUK team in autumn 2018. Born in Edinburgh she moved down to London as a child where she has lived ever since. She is a trained actor-musician who also works as a freelance digital artist.

She is excited to learn from TGIUK and keen to help share their message.

Dee Mohamed
Technical Lead

Dee is a web developer who has an interest in the use of technology in serving communities. She has a background in healthcare science and has worked in the health sector in the past. As an immigrant from Somalia, she understands the need for and supports the work done by TGIUK.


“I find TGIUK a very invigorating place where like-mindedness and multiculturalism sit comfortably together. Having launched the Instagram account with the team, I get to learn so much about different cultures in different contexts, especially through our Christmas meal photo sharing. TGIUK enables me to revitalise my curious mind and look at everyday things with a fresh eye. A social enterprise as wonderful as this should gain more support and benefit more people during this turbulent time against humanity and freedom to live a meaningful life.”